Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wheel and gas tank

Just a close up of the front wheel, love these hubs, given to me by my good buddy Ron and The Bike Works, digged it out of his basement, cleaned up very nicely.
Also started making the gas tank, sides are done and top is also in the works. I got alot of work ahead of me!

Peoples Choice update

Frame is all done, fixed the cracked back bone and seat post, also got my wheels all finished. Up front is 21 inch aluminum with stainless spokes mated to an early sportster hub. In the rear is an 18 inch aluminum with stainless spokes mated to a original star hub. New bearings and rubber to. The roller is taking shape nicely.


Well I made the Top 20 for the Show Class/Born Free peoples choice contest. Honored to be picked, there are some heavy hitters so its going to be tough. The rest of the judging will be done by the general public, so hope to get a enough votes to move into the next round, that is after January 15th. Keep checking here for updates!