Saturday, March 27, 2010

ACO update - oil filter

Well I needed an oil filter for the bike, but I dont like it hanging off the side of the license plate mount. There are some real nice ones on the market, but way to much for me, so I am making one, for about 5 bucks. First made a paper template, the filter will go behind the tranny but in front of the rear fender, and will mount to the 4speed tranny. Then transfered the template to 1/4 inch steel, and cut it out and drilled the holes. I had to weld the threaded bung in the main hole for the oil filter to screw into. Then I will weld on 2 elbows for the brass fittings to fit into. I will do that part tomorrow. So basically its all tucked away in a space that I wanted to fill. Should work out great!

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