Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ride To Skate Show!

There it is folks! Spread the word! This is the only bike event in the area aimed directly toward people who build their own sickles by any means possible. The venue could not be more perfect as FDR skatepark is also hand built by the locals by any means possible. more blood, sweat & beers have gone into FDR than anyone can imagine so the place has a soul just like a well built chopper. its raw as fuck, not perfect by any means, sometimes kind of a bitch to deal with and will throw you down & destroy you in a split second. ive been skating FDR since it was a slab of blacktop with a concrete ledge & two pyramids & to see it come along as far as it has over the years is mind blowing. just like seeing a fucking shitpile of old parts in the corner of your garage that looks nothing like a usable motorcycle & making it into something amazing.not only will this be the sickest home built cycle show in the area, we teamed up with another good local dude who is putting out a DIY philly punk comp with some of the best bands in the area and beyond. our man chuck treece will be leading the lengendary philly skate punk band McRad so prepare to have your ears as well as your mind blown. our other man delaware josh, a very essential dude as far as building & ripping the park is organizing some skate related action for any & all to participate in such as a possible smoke bomb time trial around the park, spine contest & a janky micro quarter contest as well. also vert dogs, dont forget - we fixed up the vert ramp last year & its good to go, and for the mini-ramp champs, we've got you covered as well. we've also lined up some grub, merch/swap & most importantly some amazing sponsors who have put up a ton of awesome stuff for us to sell & raffle off & every red cent we raise on this day will go directly into the park. being a hand built park that gets used and abused as much as it does, it constantly needs repair, paint & of course, expansion is always a goal. just like the best custom sickle, its never done & always needs attention. so stuff some cash in your pocket for some killer stuff & to help us raise some loot for the park - strap your board to your bars or sissybar & plan on spending all day with the scum under 95 in south philly. it will be a day you will never forget.for those coming in from far away, there will be various things going on the night before. there is also a shitload of hotels in the area & dont forget philly international is about a 5 minute cab ride to the park so if any of you high rollers wanna cash in your frequent flyer miles, this would be the time. perhaps we can arrange for a sack to crack chopper shuttle for an extra twist of excitement! get in touch with clarke, D or me for details if your seriously making a long haul to come out. we will do our best to make sure your stoked.any sponsors who are on-board & havent mailed their goodies yet, please contact Clarke or me within the next few weeks so we can be sure to get your shit in time for the show. thanks a ton for everyones generosity & i hope all of our sponsors can make it to the event because it will be worth the trip down for sure.spread the word on all your blogs & sickle related pages please!

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